How can I make an appointment online?

Our online booking system is available at https://ajanvaraus.mehilainen.fi. You can also access the online booking system by clicking ‘Book an appointment’ or ‘Online booking’ on the home page at https://www.mehilainen.fi/en. You can also book an appointment through the OmaMehiläinen service at www.omamehilainen.fi or through our iPhone mobile application, available for download in the App Store.

Type of customer

From the main page of the online booking system, select either ‘Private customer’ or ‘Occupational-health’, as appropriate. By default, the service offers appointments with a general practitioner for private customers for the same day. The service also bases its appointment suggestions on your location, which is determined automatically. For occupational health customers, the service offers appointments with the designated occupational health nurse at the designated main clinic by default.


Enter the name of the health-care professional or the desired service (speciality) directly in the predictive ‘Person or service’ search field. If you click ‘Change’, you can also select the service from a drop-down menu. Refine the search by entering the area, city or clinic in the ‘Clinic or region’ field. Select a suitable date from the calendar. If appointments meeting your other search criteria are available, the date will be displayed in green.

Refining your search criteria

If desired, click ‘Additional search criteria’ to refine your search.

Confirming an appointment

Click ‘Select’ to select a suitable appointment. Complete the requested payment and contact details and click ‘Confirm appointment’. You will receive a confirmation of your appointment by e-mail. If desired, you can also request an SMS confirmation to your mobile phone. Should you not receive a confirmation, please contact our customer-service staff by telephone on +358 10 41400. (Lines are open every day from 7am to 8pm.) Your appointment details are also available in the OmaMehiläinen service at www.omamehilainen.fi or in our iPhone mobile application, available for download in the App Store.

Why did I not receive confirmation of my appointment by e-mail?

When confirming your appointment, please make sure that the e-mail address you provided is correct. The confirmation e-mail will be sent to the address you provide when booking an appointment. If the address is correct, please check your junk mail folder and any other mailboxes (such as that for promotions). If the appointment confirmation has been placed in junk mail or another mailbox, we recommend specifying Mehiläinen as a trusted sender.

In the occupational-health-related appointments, what does the orange ‘Be prepared to pay for the visit yourself’ button mean?

Your employer has specified which services are covered by your occupational health care agreement. The booking button is displayed in orange with the text ‘Be prepared to pay for the visit yourself’ if the service you have selected in the online booking system is not included in the occupational health care agreement or if the system cannot reliably determine whether the service is included in the agreement. If the service booked is not included in the agreement, you will have to pay for the costs yourself. If you need to verify this, you can check with your employer or call Mehiläinen’s occupational health service number, +359 10 414 0666.

Can I book a procedure through the online booking system?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to book appointments for procedures such as gastroscopic endoscopy, excision of nevus or other minor surgical procedures via the online booking system. Instead, please contact the clinic by phone on +358 10 414 0112 (exchange). The person taking your call will provide you with preparation instructions and reserve a sufficient amount of time for the procedure.

Can I book several appointments through the online booking system? How?

You can book no more than 10 appointments. After making an appointment, you can start making another appointment by clicking the ‘Make an appointment for the same patient’ button. If you want to make an appointment for a family member, for example, select ‘Make an appointment for another patient’.

How can I cancel an appointment I have made?

Read more about cancelling an appointment »

Can I book an appointment for another person?

You can book an appointment for another person, such as a child of yours or another family member. Don’t forget to provide the name and identity code of the person for whom you are booking an appointment in the appointment details.

How should I proceed if I am paying for my appointment with a service voucher or under a guarantee of payment?

Below the appointment-booking calendar, select the provider of the service voucher or the payment guarantee from the drop-down menu in the ‘Additional search criteria’ field. The online booking system takes your selections into account and suggests services that can be paid for with the selected method of payment.

How should I proceed if I wish to be served in a language other than Finnish?

After clicking ‘Additional search criteria’, you can select the health-care professional’s language skills from a drop-down menu. The online booking system will then show the appointments available with people who possess the language skills you have selected.

Does the system also work on mobile phones or tablets?

The service’s interface adapts to the display size of the terminal you are using, so the service should be pleasant to use even with a smartphone or a tablet. The online booking system is available at https://ajanvaraus.mehilainen.fi. It can also be accessed through the home page at https://www.mehilainen.fi/en. For convenience, you can save the address of the service in the favourites or bookmarks of your mobile device or tablet. Download the OmaMehiläinen mobile application from the App Store to your iPhone, and booking appointments with familiar health-care professionals will be even easier.

The customer rating and recommendation received by a physician

Adjacent to the photograph of the physician, a customer rating, such as a 9.1/10, is shown for the physician. The customer rating is the average value of the ratings the physician has received during the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, and this average is then compared to the best possible average of 10. The rating is shown, if a minimum number of survey responses has been received. The quotations are recommendations that our customers have provided for the physicians.

More information on the NPS survey