Cancelling an appointment

If you wish to cancel an appointment you made earlier, you can use any of three methods:

In the OmaMehiläinen online service

In your health folder, you can view all of the appointments you have made. You can also view your previous visits and information on the staff who have treated you. Sign in at

Go to the OmaMehiläinen online service

Using the link in the confirmation e-mail message

You have received an e-mail message confirming the appointment. Follow the cancellation link in the confirmation message, and verify the cancellation by entering the personal data requested. Please note that an appointment made by phone or at the clinic can only be cancelled through the OmaMehiläinen service or customer service.

By phone

Our customer service staff are available every day around the clock at +358 (0)10 414 0200. The call fee to customer service number starting with 010 is 0,0835€/call + 0,1669€/min (incl. taxes) from a landline or from a mobile phone line. You can also call our standard-priced(0,084 €/min) service number +358 (0)20 33 4400.

Dental care

Cancellation by phone every day around the clock at +358 (0)10 273 8000.